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Title Insurance Calculator

Want to know how much title insurance will cost for your closing? Just enter the purchase price and the loan amount here!

These rates are for enhanced title insuance policies. If you'd like a quote for standard rates, just let us know!

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Combined Policy Premiums


Owner's Title Premium.


Lender's Title Premium.

There is a simultaneous-iussue discount when both an owner's and lender's policy are issued at the same. These premium quotes reflect that discount, and are not effective for stand-alone policies.

Lender's Policies Only


Lender's Title Premium.

Owner's Policies Only


Owner's Title Premium.


The title insurance quotes above are for enhanced title insurance policies underwritten by Fidelity National Title Insurance. Rates are subject to change at any time.

The title insurance quotes above represent a simultaneous-issue discount when both Owners' and Lenders' title policies are issued at same time.