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As a real estate investor, you need a closing attorney who is on your side.

You know: an attorney who really gets it.

Whether you are a hard-money lender, builder, or wholesaler; whether you make your money from buying and selling subject-to deals or lease options; whether you are a rehabber working on one house or a hundred; Harlan and Associates understands your business.

Over the years, the real estate closing attorneys of Harlan and Associates have worked with hundreds of investors. From simple short sales and contract assignments to complex multi-million dollar land acquisition and development deals, weve done it.

Not only that, but weve been featured speakers at real estate investment conferences and seminars, locally and nationwide.

Investor deals are rarely the cookie-cutter type. Each one is unique, presenting new and different problems. And you as the real estate investor need an attorney who understands that, and will work with you to get the deal done.

If you're a brand-new investor working on your first deal, or an experienced investor unhappy with where you're closing now, we'd love to be your closing attorneys. Want to know more? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how Harlan and Associates can be of service to you!