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Ever feel like your closing attorney is out of date?

Most real estate closing attorneys in Atlanta use technology that was current when Ronald Regan was in office, Rock Me Amadeus was on the radio, and Top Gun was number one at the box office.

Their computers use MS/DOS. You know, DOS. It’s what computers ran before Windows.

Ever wait hours for some closing secretary to retype an entire title binder just to make a simple change? Nice. Need to fix a HUD, and the attorney's fax is busy? Good luck. How about a document from a long-ago closing? You’re waiting for files to come back from storage, wherever that is.

At Harlan and Associates, we believe there’s a better way.

From automatic email confirming your title order, to online scheduling, to electronic copies of all closing documents for your borrowers, at Harlan and Associates, we’re committed to using the latest technology to make the entire closing process easier for everyone.

You need a signed HUD from a closing three years ago? No problem. Every document from every file is stored digitally. You want a revised binder and closing protection letter with a new loan amount and lender? Easy, and usually in your hands within minutes.

Your closing is important. It deserves to be handled professionally, competently, and most of all, efficiently.

We'd love to be your closing attorneys. Want to know more? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how Harlan and Associates can be of service to you!