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As a Realtor, you spend a great deal of time and effort into every sale you handle.

Don’t you deserve a closing attorney who works just as hard?

We believe you do.

At Harlan and Associates, we strive to make the entire real estate closing process easy for everyone: easy for you, and easy for your clients.

After all, when your buyers and sellers have a relaxed and pleasant closing experience, it reflects favorably upon you. A good closing is good for your business; the more your clients enjoy their closing, the more likely they will be to use your services again – or refer them to someone else.

We want the closing process to be nice and simple for your clients – as we want it to be for you too.

Did you know that with Harlan and Associates, you can check a closing’s status online? With other firms, you may never really know what’s going on with your closing. At Harlan and Associates, there’s never a question!

You can even schedule your closings online – and we’re very flexible. While other firms require loan packages days in advance, or will only close during office hours, we work with you to get your loans closed.

We know you have your choice of closing attorneys in Atlanta. At Harlan and Associates, we want to be your choice. That's why we’re committed to providing you the fastest, most efficient service in the industry. We're here to work on your closing with the same level of dedication and professionalism that you do.

The relationship you have with your closing attorney is very important, and we’d love to be your closing attorneys. Want to know more? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how Harlan and Associates can be of service to you!